Blog Post by Ste­ve Hayward, UK Count­ry Mana­ger at Gymmusic

I’ve been to a lot of gyms, more than most people. It’s part of my job to unders­tand a gym’s client base, the atmosp­he­re, the sty­le of the place and then help them set up our Pin2 music strea­ming ser­vice accor­dingly to match their needs.

Visi­ting all the­se places (all pre-Lock Down!) led to some inte­res­ting situations/conversations and I thought I would sha­re some of the more inte­res­ting ones here. I’m not going to men­tion any names but I am plea­sed to say that most of them are now using Pin2 and so their situa­tion has radical­ly changed!

Gym Mana­ger #1
“We don’t need a new music sys­tem because most of our clients wear headphones”

I heard this when I first star­ted at Gym­music three years ago and I was stun­ned! It was no surpri­se that the gym was one of the most soul­less emp­ty spaces I’ve ever been to. The music they were pro­vi­ding was from the TV! At the same time they won­de­red why their num­bers were down and that most people only stayed a month or so. Key lear­ning: a great, up beat music mix gets your clients tal­king and if they have friends at the gym, they will stay longer!

Gym Owner #2
“I play what I like and not­hing else”

This guy was a clas­sic case of a guy who wor­ked out a lot, who even­tual­ly got his own gym, then expec­ted all his clients to be like him. At the same time as flip­ping that worn out 80’s hea­vy rock CD in the music sys­tem he was won­de­ring why he was struggling to att­ract any women and youn­ger people to his gym. Lear­ning: a good music mix will plea­se a broad ran­ge of people.

Gym Mana­ger #3
“We just put on a Spo­ti­fy playlist” 

That’s exact­ly what most gyms are doing. You are not doing anyt­hing dif­fe­rent to the com­pe­ti­tion, it just isn’t special any­mo­re. This isn’t matc­hed to your clients wants or needs. And then what hap­pens? Eit­her you hear the same songs over and over again (some­ti­mes in the same order if you havent hit shuffle play) or you spend an hour or two each day ‘cura­ting’ your play­lists… this is clas­sic not­hing work, it doesn’t make much dif­fe­rence and is time con­su­ming. Again it’s unli­ke­ly (unless you have a pro­found music know­led­ge) that the time cost­ly results will pro­duce a good mix.

Gym Mana­ger #4
“I let my staff play what they like” 

This is tric­ky ter­ri­to­ry, but it fails to work more often than it does. What you won’t hear is the col­lec­ti­ve groan from your clients as your hea­vy metal fan PT queues up his Slayer CD again… I’m not saying Slayer is bad, if that’s what your cus­to­mers like, but it’s about pro­vi­ding what your clients like to lis­ten to not what your staff like. Eve­ryt­hing in mode­ra­tion and in a wide and varied mix is a far bet­ter reci­pe for success. You want your staff focusing on your clients, not nip­ping off to chan­ge discs/playlists all the time. The other dan­ger with this is that it’s very easy to get into client complaint ter­ri­to­ry: that gangs­ter rap mix that sounds so on your headp­ho­nes is per­haps not ideal for a public space whe­re the­re is a spect­rum of age ranges…

Gym Owner #5
“I just spent £50k on new weight mac­hi­nes, why should I spend even more money on music…”

Fas­ter than a fancy paint job and defi­ni­te­ly chea­per than a new Smith Mac­hi­ne, revi­sing the way you deli­ver your music is the CHEA­PEST way to total­ly revi­se the atmosp­he­re in your gym for the bet­ter, get more people sig­ned up and keep them with you for longer.

So there’s a quick round up of some com­mon mis­ta­kes, none of them par­ticu­lar­ly bad in their own right, but you will lose clients over time if you’re not crea­ting the right atmosphere.

Check out more of the func­tio­na­li­ty of our Pin2 fit­ness music strea­ming ser­vice here and don’t for­get to request a free trial and expe­rience the dif­fe­rence for yourself.