Pin2 Background Music Service

Designed for Gyms and Training Centres

Music that can be set to match your gym’s demographics

Gym­music Pin2™ is a reliable background music sys­tem for trai­ning and lei­su­re cent­res of all sizes. Dif­fe­rent sound zones and music pro­fi­les can be easi­ly adjus­ted remo­te­ly from any inter­net con­nec­ted device.

Music can be sche­du­led accor­ding to the gyms’ chan­ging cus­to­mer pro­fi­les, wit­hout time con­su­ming play­list work. You chan­ge the music set­tings when you want to have new direc­tion in music. Gym­music’s specia­list team upda­tes our libra­ry eve­ry day with new music so your mix of tracks always stays fresh. 

Intuitive music scheduling

You select your music in weekly sche­du­le whe­re you can choo­se your music gen­res, and relea­se date ran­ge. Gym­music smart tech­no­lo­gy ensu­res that the same songs won’t be repea­ting all the time.

Tempo filtering

For dif­fe­rent times of the day, you can adjust the desi­red mini­mum and maxi­mum tem­po ran­ge (BPM). Having an up-beat and cons­tant tem­po enhances the trai­ning expe­rience significantly. 


Gym­music Pin2 music ser­vice can be adjus­ted to start and stop the music to match your ope­ning hour. If you’re open 24/7, the music can play continuously!

Automatic volume adjustment

You can set the Gym­music Pin2 ser­vice to play music at dif­fe­rent volu­mes at dif­fe­rent times of the day. Lots of cus­to­mers on noi­sy tread­mills at 6pm? No problem and no need for dai­ly adjustments.

Onboard music back-up for internet outages

Gym­music music ser­vice con­ti­nues to play music even when the Inter­net isn’t con­nec­ted. We have incor­po­ra­ted hours of our best tracks so you don’t have to wor­ry about the music cut­ting out if your inter­net con­nec­tion is patchy!

Superior sound quality

Pin2 is equip­ped with an enhanced sound card that beats the sound qua­li­ty of PC’s or tablets. Our sound is more accu­ra­te and brighter!

365 Customer Support

Our Cus­to­mer Sup­port Team is always the­re to pro­vi­de you with great music 365 days a year. Actual people will help you troubles­hoot your way to hap­py, well enter­tai­ned clients.

Additional Services

Multizone Support

As well as a pum­ping soundt­rack for the weights room we can pro­vi­de a relaxing music stream in the chan­ging rooms.

Remote Control

Cont­rol your music remo­te­ly with our Sli­der for your smartp­ho­nes and tablets. Reac­ti­ve­ly chan­ge the tem­po of the music on the fly. Sli­der resets each night so it’s a great tool to chan­ge the mood of your loca­tion temporarily.

Voice messages to support member communication and marketing

Relax your customers with music

We offer a relaxing music chan­nel for dres­sing room, treat­ment room / mas­sa­ge and spa areas. When used pro­per­ly, such music crea­tes an unhur­ried and soft atmosp­he­re in the pre­mi­ses. This crea­tes a plea­sant tran­si­tion for the client to wor­kout and after trai­ning back to the loc­ker rooms.

Try Pin2 for free for 30 days!

Get Pin2 on a comple­te­ly free 30-day trial period, and deci­de for your­self. Fast dis­patch, ful­ly sup­por­ted, comple­te access, no obligations!