Blog Post by Ste­ve Hayward, UK Count­ry Manager

I hate Play­lists. I think part­ly the problem is the sty­le of wor­kout that I do. I’m a litt­le too old now to be buil­ding big muscle and my pas­sions are run­ning, kay­aking and clim­bing so when I go to the gym, it tends to be for two hours at a time, wor­king endu­rance rat­her than gai­ning bulk.

A couple of years ago I was trai­ning for the Devizes to West­mins­ter Canoe race; a 125 mile non stop race from one side of the count­ry to the other in a double canoe. For us it was 25 hours (the quick teams do it in 18 hours!), but we did come in 30 seconds ahead of a pair of Roy­al Mari­nes, so we were well chuffed.

In trai­ning, I switc­hed gym three times. This was enti­re­ly because of the music they were playing. It very quickly got to the point whe­re I could pre­dict the next track plus I hate wea­ring headp­ho­nes, they are so anti-social. Being in the gym for 3 hours a time 4 times a week gave me a very low tole­rance for hea­ring the same tracks again and again. I have no idea how the staff coped hea­ring the same songs day in, day out.

It’s for this rea­son when I heard about how the Gym­music Pin2 Music Strea­ming ser­vice works, I loved the concept from the start. They have a huge libra­ry, but ins­tead of pic­king up indi­vi­dual books, you can grab enti­re ais­les, who­le sections!

The Gym­music Pin2 music strea­ming ser­vice DOESN’T use Play­lists. We use tech­no­lo­gy com­bi­ned with a specia­list team of high­ly expe­rienced music experts. If you own or work in a gym here’s some things to think about when making your playlist.

Making a Play­list takes time. This costs you money, you are effec­ti­ve­ly paying someo­ne to put music toget­her and even then, you need to main­tain the lists you have made. Upda­ting Play­lists takes even more time. This is time you should be using to keep your clients happy!

Any­one can make a Play­list, very few people can make a GOOD play­list. If your gym has 100 clients wor­king out, the like­li­hood is that only one per­son will like the music that’s playing; the per­son that made the play­list! Fact is that most gyms are run by guys. Guys play guys music. It’s all very well having a play­list that keeps the big guys who like to lift hap­py, but how is that Skril­lex going to work out for the two ner­vous new­bies who have just arri­ved in your gym for the first time? Will they be back?

No mat­ter how big your Play­list, you will always hear repeats. This is because of the way that Play­list ran­dom play works. Many ser­vices and par­ticu­lar­ly MP3 players don’t keep a track of which tracks have alrea­dy played, this means the laws of chance are at play for you to hear the same song twice in a row. A very anno­ying inter­rup­tion to your work out.

Play­lists are sta­tic. This means if things chan­ge in your gym in terms of the clients needs, you are stuck with the tracks that are in that list. With Pin2 from Gym­music you can meet your client needs in a second, inc­rea­se the ove­rall tem­po in seconds. Want somet­hing roc­kier, slower, more pum­ping, just chan­ge the dash­board set­tings and the tech­no­lo­gy finds the tracks to match your needs. Our high­ly expe­rienced music team makes sure that you get the right balance of music to give somet­hing to everyone.

We mea­su­re the BPM of each track. Beats Per Minu­te gives an insight into the tem­po of the track and enables us to unders­tand the wor­kout ‘power’ in each tune. It also enables us to cue up tracks next to one anot­her that have a simi­lar BPM which means your wor­kout stays seam­less and the music doesn’t have any jar­ring tem­po drops. It also enables you to select the ran­ge of inten­si­ty that you want to match the acti­vi­ty going on in the gym. Our com­pe­ti­tors do not do this.

I hate Play­lists. But I love Pin2.